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Downs Industries is a West 
Michigan based company collaborating with customers world wide in Specialty Vehicle design, and advanced composite solutions.
At Downs Industries we provide innovative solutions for product development, tooling and Manufacturing. We are in partnership with a network of suppliers with capabilities including Industrial design, mechanical, and design engineering.
Count on Downs Industries to manage the entire process of product realization from total concept to finished part.
Downs industries is one of the leaders in the composites closed mold industry. We design the process to cater to the design of your part. Downs currently operates its closed mold department using Light RTM, and Re-Usable silicone bag Flex Molding.
These processes are designed and tailored in house to accommodate the level of quality and volume required by the customer.
Material knowledge is key. Our expertise and experience in advanced composites will allow us to meet your requirements. Weight savings and structural integrity is usually the main concern in most applications. 
Downs has been hired for many different Military applications, including light weight armor solutions to meet certain threat level requirements. 
The processing of Carbon Fiber, Innegra, and epoxy tooling are also among the capabilities of our company.
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